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16.08.2005 07:30 - A Pubic Annullment.

Dear friends in KVB,

When grim pills coming in Cologne, lifely important it is, people out speaking on platforms in English to make, should the speak big knows have. When the out speakers little knows have, making big cockups will, and. The pills that for one train waiting have, no beneath standing, and wrong train getting on are. Get for example, these for out speaks made by one out speaker :

"Dear Friends! Dear Friends! Stay away from train! Stay away from train! When door open, must man out come, not before on! Standing on steps, make train angry, no door open!"

Now, what me have from the outspeak underneath standing is, that the peoples wait on platform, must back standing so the peoples inside train can outside be, before the peoples outside train can inside. But the english bad is, dear friends, very bad, and the naughty peoples outside train do not make the backstep to let me out from the door, because you are too fucking mean to get a Staatliche-gepruft Uebersetzer to translate some decent announcements for you. Gits.

So do it, or I'll tollchock the grollies of any droog I viddy, who don't get out the way of the doors in time, see if I don't, o my brothers.

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