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20.02.2006 08:06 - Cartoons

Some of you might have noticed that I've been doing the occasional cartoon now and then, since about 1997. This means that Snorty is one of the longer-running web cartoons, although not the longest by a large mark.

It is with a certain amount of irritation that I view the recent unpleasantness with a certain cartoon. You know the one I mean, by a certain Dane. I've been over it again and again but I can't help but feel depressed by the whole thing.

I mean, the jammy bastard. One cartoon, one rather naff and unfunny cartoon, and suddenly it's all over the press everywhere. How can I compete with that kind of pulling power? I've been doing this for nine years now, and I've never got a sniff of that kind of publicity. One cartoon and he's even selling bloody T-shirts of it, and stupid bloody Italian MPs are wearing it on TV.

Jealous just isn't the word for it.


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