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21.02.2006 08:31 - Foulsly

Last Monday, I went to see a band, whom, for reasons of anonymity, will be herein referred to as "Foulsly".

I went to see them because I am lucky enough to be acquainted with some of their record company and management team, so I got to sit on the side of the stage, whilst this group went through their paces to their fans.  Fortunately, I had the intelligence to buy industrial-strength earplugs which I screwed deeply into my lugholes, because years of standing too close to drummers has damaged my hearing enough.  Especially when, as in this band, the kick drum is miced up and fed through an octaver. 

As I sat on the side of the stage, I could feel my teeth moving in time with the kick drum.

That wasn't the worst of it though.

In the tourbus afterward, they gave me beer

Evil, evil beer.

I've spent the rest of the week recovering from it.

I can't hear a thing either. 


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