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I was a pilot in the USAF until I discovered that God was an egg in my lunchbox. So I ate him.

16.03.2006 12:30 - I'm Ready for my Close-up, Mr. Suso Richter.

I am the Landlord, goo goo ga joob

Here's another picture of me on-set in "Dresden" (Courtesy of Gerry Waters of BFBS) at twelve o'clock in the bloody morning, waiting for my close-up, in which I turn off a radio after giving a pilot a Paddington Bear - style stare. That bottle is full of peach-flavour ice tea, which none of us can now stand to drink.

"Acting is silly and daft" - John Lennon.

P.S. If you're waiting, breath-bated, for the funny stuff to come back, then I suggest you breathe out, because I'm currently writing my stand-up act for next week.

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