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01.06.2006 12:39 - More Fun With Names

The previous article (oh yes, we're dead posh round here, one writes 'articles' rather than 'blog entries') reminds me of a number of other shops I've encountered, both here and in Cologne.

For a start, there used to be a Bath Showroom on the Ring. It's name was "Bad Design". This name was displayed proudly in three-foot high letters. Unsurprisingly, they went bust. Their shop lease was taken over by another firm, this one offering semi-bespoke furniture. Their name? "BO Concept".

The classic, though, is a huge VW/AUDI car dealership in Koblenz, that one of her Maj's friends bought a Volkswagen Golf from. She was somewhat puzzled as to why I had hysterics when she showed off her new acquisition. The reason for my hysterics were simple. The dealer's name was plastered all over the car :


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