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07.06.2006 17:10 - Isn't Language Wonderful?

Wrath of Dawn has been googling norks.

Isn't language a wonderful thing?

Ten years ago if I'd have said that I'd been googling norks, you would have presumed I was some sort of pervert, and googling was some sort of perverted voyeurism, but now.. er.. you'd still be right in thinking I was a pervert.

Twenty years ago if I'd have said it, though, you'd have wondered what the hell I was on.

Not only that, but do you remember a time when if anyone walked around seemingly having a conversation with themselves, they'd be locked up? Nowadays all you need is a mobile phone, and you can wander around to your hearts content, speaking loudly about the effects of the dodgy curry you had last night, and everyone will presume that you're perfectly sane.  There's a nutter who wanders round the Hauptbahnhof who talks to his "special friend" all day.  Presumably he's noticed that you can get away with it as long as you have a mobile phone.

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