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Foraging for food in the bins beside the Information Highway.

06.06.2006 08:00 - Football.

It might have escaped your notice, but the locals seem to be holding some sort of international football competition.

In many aspects, this competition is somewhat like a pilgrimage : to be specific, the Pope's visit last year.

Both feature hordes of Foreigners staggering round, yelling slogans. (In this case, "Ing-er-land!" or "Benedetto!")

Both hordes eventually latch onto the fact that, in Germany, Beer is very, very cheap.

Both feature hysterical announcements in pidgin-english on the U-Bahn, such as "Dea Frens!  Stay way from Train!!  Door Open, let people off, or train very angry!" 

Of course, there are differences.  Last year, for example, we had hordes of nuns barreling about the place up to a month beforehand.  You're not going to get nuns this time. 


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