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25.06.2006 23:12 - The Gateway To Hell Revisited

Back again to the Garden from hell.  This weekend was spent getting all the bits up that the bloke with the wagon missed during the week, and piling it in another wagon.  Meanwhile a bloke with a little digger (a "bagger" in german) spent the morning trying to demolish the septic tank, and then connect the house sewer to the main sewer, or he would have if his digger didn't keep breaking down.

Meanwhile I managed to dig out another load of schnapps bottles.  This means that we have now taken ten buckets full of glass to the recycling bank, and now have medals from the townsfolk for it.  The townsfolk have all been coming down, taking turns to peep over the fence at the funny Englander and attempt their english on me, so about every ten minutes I've been interrupted by some yokel grinning at me and saying "Hallo, David Beckham, Feesh und Sheeps, Ja?" in a Rheinland-Pfalz accent.  I have reciprocated by teaching them the traditional two-fingered English greeting.

So, if you happen to be round Trier, and someone gives you a V-sign and tells you to fuck off, they probably don't mean it.


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