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21.08.2006 15:19 - True or False?

In a vain attempt to make people comment and to prove that I'm really an interesting bloke, here's a quick "true or false" competition about me.

Simply post which one you think is false.

  • I met Prince Andrew, and was told to fuck off by Margaret Thatcher's brother-in-law. On the same day.
  • I once ran into Maurice Colbourne in Oxford street, London. He didn't tell me to fuck off, though.
  • The Rt.Honourable Susan Harmor-Nicholls (Better known as Audrey in Coronation St.) used to work in an ironmongers owned by one of my relatives.
  • One night at an open mic night in Kidderminster, at "The Farmer's Boy", I stood up to play at an open mic night, backed by a rather loud drummer, who turned out to be the son of John Bonham.
  • I designed tickets for Manchester United football ground and Alton Towers, for a company owned by a former film sound-recordist who had previously worked for Stanley Kubrick.
  • I didn't know a business acquaintance was the ex-bass-player from BAP (Famous Cologne Rock Group) until my astonished girlfriend pointed this out to me.
  • My family were on holiday in Lyme Regis whilst "The French Lieutenant's Woman" was being filmed.

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