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07.09.2009 08:13 - How Did Nightwash Go?

How did it go?

A bit strange, really.

I had to follow Markus Barth onstage, who had killed with his set.  I started off well, with a little bit about how I'd had an accident the last time, which was why I was wearing a helmet.  Then I got into the "Star Wars" routine.

Now, normally, this routine will have them rolling on the floor.

That night, although it was getting the occasional titter, it just wasn't bringing the house down, which was somewhat surprising, as it had done so at a previous Nightwash.  In fact, the audience were looking at me like dogs that had been shown a card trick.  It didn't help that, due to the muggy weather, the Waschsalon was even hotter and more humid than usual - I got onstage and genuinely couldn't breathe.  People thought I was joking, but I wasn't.  Hence my opening comment about "Hallo und wilkommen im 'Abnehmen mit Deuser'"

It was as though a large convention of people who had never seen "Star Wars" had decided, after the convention, to all go to Nightwash.

It didn't hit me until after a couple of days why it was so.

They were all from East Germany.


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