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19.09.2009 15:06 - Unfunny Funny People

I really thought this could probably be that rare thing, a good movie with Adam Sandler in it.


Sandler plays an egotistical dick of a comedian whose set largely consists of self-referential dick jokes.  Somehow, (there's no accounting for taste) he's become rich and famous, and made many stupid movies, even worse than this one.  All of a sudden he discovers he has an inoperable condition.  Does he decide to better his fellow men's condition?  Does he do a Christopher Reeve and set up a foundation to research his condition and further treatment?


He takes on an inexperienced stand-up to write jokes for him, and otherwise be his general factotum. The pair make an appearance with James Taylor at a Myspace convention.  Even Tom is there!  FFS, who in their right mind hangs round with Tom?  He performs a set consisting of really, really OLD Myspace jokes. (This is obviously a Rupert Murdoch-funded film by the amount of times they get to say "fuck Facebook")

Sandler then mopes around a lot, whilst getting slightly pasty.  He hires Neil Young (yes, that Neil Young!) to play backing for him as he sings "Real Love".  I mean, come ON!  Who hires NEIL YOUNG to play a BEATLE COVER?  Other than a terminally arrogant egomaniac, I mean.  I know Bill Hicks said that every comedian he knew was a failed rock-star suffering from Satyrisis and a messiah complex, but isn't this getting needlessly self-indulgent?

And it gets worse.

He makes long phone-calls to loads of people he's screwed up with.  One of these is his ex, who is now married with kids to an Australian who says "fuck" a lot, in front of his kids.  Many tears and long faces later, Surprise!  Sandler is cured.  Hooray, says his little buddy the comedian.  Boo, says the rest of the audience.

The film then left-turns into a rather turgid affair where Sandler's character and his ex have an affair, because she's on the edge of leaving her husband.  This goes on far too long.  I won't reveal the end, in case anyone wants to see it, but really, don't. 

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