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25.09.2009 08:37 - The Hindenburg

Or : Yet more on my film career (Career as in the path followed by an out-of-control car).

Firstly, they've finally got round to releasing "Desert Flower", where I was an extra in a scene in the Park.

Secondly, A film is being made about the "Hindenburg" airship.  Paradoxically, although it is a German production, it is being made in English (because German audiences are more used to dubbed films than English-speaking audiences) and so most of the cast will have authentic English-as-spoken-by-germans accents.  Greta Scacci and Stacy Keach are also involved.

As am I, as "Ticket Taker 1".  I've even got lines to say, although I don't throw any SS officers through the window, a la Harrison Ford.  All shall become clear after next weekend.



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