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04.09.2009 08:57 - The Full Darcy

Her Maj has bought the complete DVD box set of the 1995 BBC TV version of "Pride and Prejudice". the extended edition, with extra Mr. Darcy.  It's a sort of chick-flick equivalent to the director's cut box set of "Lord of the Rings".  As a freebie, for such a big order, the mail-order shop has thrown in an extra DVD as a thank-you.

Now, what possibly could they throw in as an extra?  Another Jane Austen adaptation, or perhaps "The Mill on the Floss" by famed literary transsexual George Eliot?


"Verwegene Hunde" better known as "Oceans of Fire", or "the Absolute Nadir of Billy Dee William's career".

This is a little-known 1986 movie about Oil Rig workers.  "Little-known" in this case, is a code-word for "crap".

Quite why anyone would want to make the connection between a Georgian Comedy of Manners and Lando Calrissian drilling for oil, I have no idea,  I mean, I can hardly imagine someone thinking, "I know, let's bung in a crappy b-movie about petroleum workers!  She'll love that!"

Either that, or it was a misguided act of sympathy for me.

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