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03.09.2009 08:16 - Stapling Your Feet To The Floor

So, my little YouTube channel has been chugging away quietly for about a year now, containing a couple of my more memorable gigs.  Three of these are from my Hollywood's comedy night gig at Cologne Comedy Fest in 2008, where I discussed Star Wars Characters being gay, the complaints department at the cloning company that produces Stormtroopers and German plumbing.  The Star Wars stuff gets a fair amount of attention.

Then, whilst I was off on Holiday, some jumped-up fanboy website decided to have a go at me, probably because I upset them by calling Chewbacca gay.  An article (I'm not going to link to it) decided to pick on me and a couple of other comedians with "Star Wars" sets, saying that we were "painfully unfunny", whilst ignoring a) the fact that one of the clips was MEANT to be unfunny, with a comedian dying on his arse at Jabba's Palace, and the fact that, on my clip at least, (I didn't really bother looking at the others), there's a fair amount of laughter.  I don't know, perhaps they've never heard of Josef Fritzl.

Anyway, from what I could see, the writers of the article did a pretty good job of stapling their own feet to the floor.  It was fairly clear from the comments that a number of commenters certainly didn't agree with them.  The final irony was looking at my YouTube stats.  I got 1000 hits in a single day - by far the biggest traffic spike I've ever received.

So I'd just like to thank Mr. Humourless Fanboy for the publicity.   If he hadn't opened his mouth, I'd still be languishing in obscurity.

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