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04.09.2009 08:05 - Invasion of the Morons

Is there a Moron convention in Cologne this week or something?

This morning, I had to go to the Einwohnanmeldeamt to get one of those little pieces of paper the Germans are so keen on.  Whilst waiting, I sat and watched as a young man, whom I assume was in his 20s, proceeded to deface magazines and leaflets, placed there for his and everyone else's benefit, in a manner similar to a five-year-old.  He then wrote obscenities on the back of a stack of postcards, and then sat back, looking well-pleased with himself.

On the train, another young idiot, in the sort of biker jacket only worn by people who have never ridden a bike but want to convice other people that they do, had a long and painfully slow and loud conversation with his phone about how many people he owed money to.  Presumably he was shouting because we were underground, and he thought it would boost the carrier strength somehow.  He then stopped and looked round at everyone with the sort of look that says "Can't you see I'm on the phone?" that only the terminally ignorant can do.

Was I ever that thick when I was that age?

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