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16.04.2010 23:18 - Hollywood's Comedy Night April 2010

You really missed one hell of a good show if you weren't at Hollywood's on the 14th.  The show has been on hold for a few months due to various problems, and so we were all straining at the leash.  It seemed that anyone who spoke English in Cologne was desperate to be there, as well, as the place was heaving- even more people than at the Cologne Comedy Fest.

But it wasn't just going to be the usual faces. We had a really strong line-up with Bengt Washburn and David Cassel both performing.  Bengt, in particular, performed really strongly, and so was a very hard act for David Cassel to follow.  Both Casey and James were really on form and I've had quite a few comments on the strength of my set.  Seems the little tour has had an effect.

However, the real surprise of the night was none other than Dave Thompson turning up. If you are familiar with UK TV, you'll probably recognise him from Harry Hill.  You won't recognise him in his most celebrated role, though : Tinky-Winky from the Teletubbies.  DT was on his way back from performing in Hungary, and, quite by chance, happened on the Hollywood's web site, and decided to take a break halfway, do a gig, and say "Eh Oh" to us all.  Well, we weren't going to turn him down, were we?

So, a good time had by all.  Photos and videos to follow later.


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