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30.04.2010 07:53 - Fixed.. Again

The music computer is now back in one piece.  The main drive, a Western Digital Caviar 205AA dating from 1999, had finally given up the ghost.  Fortunately I was able to use an IBM drive that had been sitting in my little-used much-neglected linux server.  The Linux machine used to be a firewall and web dev server, but I don't do that much freelance web dev now, and the machine is a little old (2004), and I now have a Netgear hub with firewall.  I finally upgraded the music machine to XP.  Fortunately, the 80GB recording disk is intact, and the extra IDE channel card is working, so I have everything on master IDE channels.  Now I have to find the driver disk for the board, for the inbuilt network, then register XP, then reinstall all the software.... 


Happy Birthday.

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