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26.04.2010 09:20 - UK Govt. Abandons Plans for Giant Evil Database

For some time, the UK Government has been planning a giant totalitarian evil database which will record every detail of a UK citizen's life, so that the Police can laugh at pictures of you as a Shepherd in your infant school nativity play. Unfortunately for them, Facebook got there first.  According to their Myspace page, this has really really pissed off MI5, because they didn't think of doing a website where you can write all that stuff voluntarily. 

A secret Government Spokesman, who cannot be named so you can't look him up on Bebo, said that Facebook takes all the fun out of it.  "We especially like the idea of random alterations to privacy, particularly just when your ex-girlfriend has uploaded that really embarrasing photo of you off your face in Spain wearing her underwear."  The spokesman admitted that they'd been caught on the hop, as they had been far too busy trying to flush out Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists by posing as 11-year-old girls in chat rooms.

MI6 is now offering voluntary redundancy for any employee who asks "What's a Facebook?" during meetings.

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