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08.11.2004 10:01 - Maria

So, I downloaded iTunes and installed it, mainly to have a look how my stuff is doing via them.

I must say I don\'t like it.  I find the software too pushy.  It forces an install of the latest Quicktime.  At least it doesn\'t take over everything by default, like a certain other company whose player won\'t be installed on my machine again, ever. (Wild horses would not drag Realaudio\'s name out of me. er...)  It then starts trying to push the usual crap (ie top 40).  It also wouldn\'t connect to the server and let me build an account, but that might be due to trying it out on Sunday evening. (Ebay was running similarly slow, but that didn\'t stop Her Maj dropping a bundle on cut glass items) But I digress.

Looking at my entry there, it seems the top song at the moment is \"Maria\".  This is a somewhat ironic song which has an interchangable name, so you can substitute any three-syllable name, for example \"Sabrina\" or \"Juanita\".  You can also easily change out the description to match the person you\'re singing about (it\'s an object-oriented song!).  This is very calculated and deliberate.  I wrote it to show someone who was being given the \"hey I wrote a song for you\" schtick by a guitarist (not me I hasten to add) that it was a creepy muso trick to get into her panties, and that he could (and did) drop anyone\'s name in there.

Needless to say it didn\'t work.

He\'d have looked silly in her panties anyway.

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