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01.04.2005 04:56 - Phirst Phish

As fishing becomes ever-more prevalent, perhaps now is the time to document the first-ever attempts to phish.

When I was a programmer at Gamesdomain, we were subject to what was possibly the first-ever phishing campaign. Someone was emailing people saying that they had won a free prize from Gamesdomain. The email contained a program with which the recipient was supposed to "register". The program was actually a simple mailer, and emailed the phisher directly. One of the other programmers pulled his email out of the program via a TCP/IP logger. We emailed the ISP concerned, and had the email shut down.

A couple of weeks later, he was back at it again, except this time he was using a drop box - a disposable webmail account at hotmail.

All this took place in the far-off days of 1998, and we thought nothing of it at the time. The word "phishing" wasn't even coined then.

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