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04.04.2005 12:42 - MEME : 5 Questions

Questions from Ian Myatt

1) Any regrets about moving to Cologne?

My one regret about being in Cologne is that it distances me somewhat from other member of #UKMG, making it nearly impossible to turn up for the casual meet-ups. I occasionally manage Albrighton when I'm at my parents, but the amount of organisation to get over to the UK and bring a guitar is nightmarish. It's gotten better with the advent of cheap flights.

Other than that, no regrets whatsoever. I spent ten years in the UK trying to find a band, and when I did we could never find anywhere that would let us play. Over here, it's a totally different ball-game.

2) You're a big 60's music fan. How did that start?

It started, oddly enough, in a bargain bookshop in Stafford. I wasn't much of a music fan before that. I had twenty minutes before the next bus home arrived, and so I went for a browse, and picked up a copy of "The Love You Make" - the Beatles story according to Peter Brown of Apple. I read that, which got me into the Beatles, and so I started to seek out other 1960's groups like the Kinks and the Byrds. This was during the period in the late 1980s when everything from the 60's was being remastered and re-released for CD, so I wasn't short of stuff.

So, the book got me into the music, and the music got me into the guitar.

3) What was your first job?

My first job was a summer job, teaching computers at a PGL camp down in sunny Eastbourne in ooo...1985! The camp was run in St.Bede's school, near the downs, and a short walk away from Beachy Head.

I didn't run into Clive down there, though. I think he'd gone into hiding.

4) Do you think that you'll ever move back to the UK?

I really don't know. It would take something major to make me move back to the UK. Whenever I'm back in the UK, for the first few days it's like I've never been away. However, after a few days I begin to miss some of the things I not take for granted in Germany.

5) What musical goals/ambitions do you have?

At the moment, I don't have as much time to dedicate to music as I would like. I'm playing bass in the Jazz band and guitar in the 60's band, but I'd also like more time to practice and a bit more time to get on with recording my follow-up album. Work unfortunately has taken up a huge amount of time, and I had to give up my solo gigs promoting my old record. When I have enough time, I want to improve my lead work - I seem to have lost something important in my playing in a mad stampede to sound like everyone else.

Good questions, Ian, and if anyone else wants to carry on the thread, email me at steve at stevedix dot de.

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