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06.04.2005 02:36 - Hollywood Calls!

Well, not quite Hollywood, but the German equivalent.

It seems that there is a film production under way about the bombing of Dresden. This film will feature a young RAF[1] type who falls in love with a german girl. It's being filmed in Cologne, and several scenes will require a typical English pub filled with typical English layabouts quaffing beer.

It seems that my talent for the latter has been noted, and someone has sent me an invitation to a casting call, where I will have to demonstrate my ability to prop up a bar in typical English fashion.

Apparently, they want genuine authentic English layabouts, rather than Ersatz German ones, because you have to speak, and there's no German actors who can say "Pint of the same, luv, and have one yourself." convincingly enough.

[1] Royal Air Force, not Red Army Faction, for any Germans reading this.

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