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03.03.2009 18:42 - Acting, The Final Frontier

With the imminent "reboot" of Star Trek only months away, I've been watching the original series again.  A friend, who has only ever seen Star Trek in German, was amazed at how bad Captain Kirk is in the original.  Apparently, in the german-language dubbed version, Kirk is witty, intelligent and charming - something which William- Shatner's - stilted - delivery - can't - match -up -to!

So I was thinking, who could replace the existing german voice with a more accurate stilted delivery?

Then it came to me....

.... Herbert Grönemeyer!



(For those of you who are saying "Who?", he's the red-haired bloke who was the engineer in "Das Boot" - basically a german WWII equivalent of Scotty.  Over here, though, he's a top-selling singer.)

So, try to imagine the opening of "Star Trek"... The stars floating by, the infamous fanfare... then....

Männer, fliegen in Weltraum,
Männer, fliegen so Weit.
Männer, beamen zum Raumschiff,
Männer sind immer bereit...!

They could even retitle "The Man Trap" as "Wenn ist ein Mann ein Mann?".....

Next : Udo Lindenburg as the New Spock.

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