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27.03.2009 08:21 - 25th March : Alte Drahtzierei

Off to Wipperfürth, to the Alter Drahtzieherei.  The Alter Drahtzieherei lies on the banks of the river Wupper, but it certainly doesn't go over the Wupper. (in-joke)  I was there to take part in Mattu's Comedy Mixshow, along with the Senoritas, P.Laste & E.Laste,  Giovanna, Suse und Fritze and Matthias Jung.

Don't think for a minute that this is some tiny venue in a small town : far from it.  The venue is a former factory where tungsten wire was manufactured for Osram lightbulbs, (they also used to make copper wire in another, smaller room, where they'd get two Swabians to fight over a groschen) and has been converted into a large, extremely well-equipped venue, with an impressively large, yet well-tuned PA and lighting.  It was big enough to seat 170 people, with room for plenty more.  The sound quality was impressive, with the only minor irritation being the closeness of the two light T-bars to the stage, making it very difficult to find the optimum well-lit spot on the stage.   The reputation of the show is so that it drew that many people from not only nearby Gummersbach, but from miles around, on a terrible night where it not only rained torrentially but snowed as well.  Entrance was 10 euros, 8 pre-booked - but clearly they aren't paying Cologne prices to run the show.  Not only did we have a spacious dressing room, but a buffet and drinks laid on,  AND we got paid.

On the whole, an excellent night, only ruined by the fact that I had a rotten sore throat, despite endless cups of camomile tea with honey and throat pastilles.


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