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18.03.2009 08:47 - The Laws of Human Stupidity

  1. No Nation has a monopoly on human stupidity, although several developed countries are trying very hard.
  2. Computer power is limited by human stupidity. (Although computer power doubles regularly, human stupidity remains a constant)
  3. If you rule out a problem because that no-one could be that stupid, someone WILL be that stupid.  Probably you.
  4. Methods developed to prevent human stupidity tend to have the opposite effect.  Due to human stupidity.
  5. Stupidity increases as a cube of the humans involved.  The probability of something being a good idea is therefore the cube root of of humans involved.
  6. Stupidity as measured in 5) cannot be attributed to the group, as one stupid individual in the right place may have a much greater effect than large clusters of stupid individuals randomly distributed throughout an organisation.
  7. Both ignorance and education tend to increase stupidity.

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