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30.04.2010 07:03 - Eastern European Factory Discovered in Front Room in Rochdale

The Labour Government took another huge bashing from bigoted, small-minded OAPs yesterday when it was discovered that Gordon Brown had accidentally spoken the truth to a reporter. He was confronted by an enraged OAP, who proceeded to beat him around the head with a blunt instrument : her opinion.  Mrs. Polehater of 23 Acacia Avenue demanded to know what Brown was doing about all the Polish Immigrant Plumbers who have the cheek to come over and put their English competitors out of a job by actually getting the work done on-time whilst whistling the Warsaw Concerto, instead of leaving it half-finished like any decent tradesman.  Brown responded, accidentally, that it was alright by him because they couldn't vote.

Brown, the well-known Prime Minister and Porridge-wog, had been visiting Rochdale to examine the new Government-sponsored "Foreigners and Nig-nogs" residential centre set up in a 2x3 metre small box room in a terraced house, which will be used to house upwards of 300 immigrant workers at about 10 times the going rate.  Disaster struck when Brown noticed that some of the so-called "Immigrants" turned out not to be foreigners, but real live voters given a light coat of brown paint, and hurredly left the scene, complaining that it was a set-up. 

Mr. Spokesmann-Said of the Labour Party officially denied everything, by quoting from Immanuel Kant that we cannot distinguish between real experience and the vividly-imagined, and that the poor record of the current government may have been a bad dream caused by eating too much cheese before bedtime.

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