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28.05.2006 11:21 - Fnarr, and furthermore, Fnarr.

We moved office yesterday. It went surprisingly well, even though we weren't able to use the loading bay because the gate was shut. Our neighbour doesn't like strangers blocking up his back passage. We had to move all sorts of things, including bringing a sofa over the roof to an alternative stairway, which was dangerous, as the roof was very slippery and there's a big long drop over the edge. Ingmar was worried he'd drop his load into the wrong hole. The sofa was very big, and difficult to get round the corners in the stairs. It was so rigid, we had problems getting it out.

Meanwhile, at the new office, our new furniture was being built. We arrived there to find Olly and his wife busily screwing away. The sofa proved difficult to get in the lift. Ingmar clearly didn't have a clue about getting it up, so his girlfriend had to show him which way to put it in. Meanwhile I had an accident whilst carrying the colour laser printer. I shouldn't have handled it so roughly, because the stuff shot out all over my trousers. Unfortunately we didn't have a hoover with which to clean the toner powder off my clothes, so I had to wait until I was back at home where my girlfriend sucked it off.

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