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03.10.2007 11:10 - Fiddlers Open Mic Night, 2nd Oct 2007

Fiddler's started out rough.  The football was on, and part of upstairs, which we normally use as a dressing room, was booked by a private party to watch it on the big screen.  There were several people who had come specially for the Open Mic night, though, so it was decided to try and put on a show.  Johnny warmed up the audience, then Cat sang to her backing CD for a bit, then I was on.

It helped enormously that the group on the table in front of the stage were there for the comedy, and so, because Fiddler's doesn't have blinding lights like most stages, I was able to give them a bit of backchat, which they appreciated.  Not appreciated, however, were the pair who came in and were determined to talk loudly over everything, until they were asked to keep it down, so they threw a little tantrum and left in their prams.

So, not as good as Wohnzimmer theater, but a good exercise in playing to the section of the audience who were interested.


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