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31.10.2007 20:11 - It's Over

So, Hollywood's Comedy Festival Night is over for another year.  I can't say I was overly pleased with my performances - I definitely reached a high point with the Wohnzimmer Theater gig.  However, the audiences seemed pleased, particularly the Alter Wartesaal audience, and I was congratulated by several people, both friends and audience members.  I had a nice journey down to Bonn with Henrik, Earl and Hils on the tram.

I think we did well to mount the shows in face of the problems which came up.  None were insurmountable.  Some were minor irritants (such as the vanishing contents of the fridge in the green room...)  Others, well, at the time, the metaphor of porcupine sex seemed to rear its head.  Unlike previous years, we didn't have to deal with any major dickheads making life hard for us and the performers.

Now, though, I just want to sleep the whole thing off.......


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