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08.10.2007 08:01 - Broad Daylight

It seems, at the moment, that everyone is finding things which are dangerous. You know the sort of thing. Don't eat tomatoes, they're full of poison! They force-fed a rat 1000 tomatoes and it died!"

But one thing seems to have escaped investigation. Broad daylight. Which is strange, because it seems to be very dangerous stuff. Banks are robbed in broad daylight. People get mugged in it, and knocked down by cars. 9/11 itself, happened in broad daylight. So it seems to me that you'd think they'd be warning people about broad daylight. "And here's Tom with the weather." "Hi Chuck, and here's a warning for you all, tomorrow will have significant amounts of broad daylight, so you better watch out for bank robberies and muggers." Don't believe me? When was the last time you heard of a robbery that took place in narrow daylight?

I think the problem is that no-one really knows exactly what broad daylight is. How broad exactly is broad daylight? There's certainly no SI unit of measurement for it. How do you know when it's broad daylight as opposed to, say, long daylight? And is the broadness affected by daylight savings time?

I think we should be told. 

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