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19.10.2007 08:40 - That's Showbiz for you, dahling

A busy day. I had to leave work early as I had an appointment at RTL. That's Radio Tel Luxembourg, once Radio Luxembourg, but now, paradoxically, situated on the edges of Cologne. RTL is owned by Bertelsmann, who want RTL to think up new TV shows that it can sell as a format around the world. This means that RTL has to produce trailers for these show ideas in English, which is where your humble correspondent comes in, sits down in front of a Neumann large-diaphragm condensor microphone, and reads what is put in front of him, with minor modifications for scansion and englishness. At 100 euro for about ten minutes work, it's something I could tolerate a lot more of.

Next, a quick dash home, a change of clothes and back into town for the opening party of the Cologne Comedyfest at the Gloria theatre. Fraightfully Showbiz, although, being comedy, it stopped short of "mwah mwah dahhhling!", but then that could be because I'm not a "face". I did get to meet a couple of people, such as Dieter Nuhr, who spoke to us for about half an hour (although I had terrible problems hearing him due to background noise - all those years of playing with drummers who won't play a bit quieter have taken their toll) and Matthias Seling, as well as the directors of "Hecklers" and "2-Door Mansion" - Michael Addis and David Rechtmann.

This went on till about three in the morning, with free drinks all the way through.

It's a hard life.

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