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15.10.2007 08:07 - Moustache Woe

A recent documentary focussed on Charlie Chaplain and Adolf Hitler, and on the former's debunking of the latter in his first real sound film, "The Great Dictator".

It turns out that Hitler and Chaplain both lived very similar lives - born within a week of each other, both rose from unendurable poverty and being forced to live on the street. Eventually one of them became famous for dressing up like a complete tool and clowning round whilst wearing a ridiculous moustache, whilst the other went on to become a comedian.

Hitler, an avid film buff by all accounts, had "The Great Dictator" screened privately for himself, twice. History remains quiet on his opinion of Adenoid Hynkel, but I imagine he probably had a quiet laugh at Benzini Napaloni.

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