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28.10.2007 20:44 - Showbiz Dahling 3

For some strange reason, this post has disappeared, so I'll write it again.

So, I went to the German Comedy Awards. No, I didn't win anything. I didn't expect to, either. I got to rub shoulders and press hands with a number of famous german comedians, though. No, you can't see me on the TV show, as I was right up at the back. Free tickets, and one of our number wouldn't stop faffing about so we didn't have a good choice of seats.

Doubtless many of you would consider German Comedy an oxymoron, something along the lines of French Diplomacy or American Intellectualism. It does exist, though, and people get awards for it - sponsored by RTL, who put a lot of it out. We actually were allowed into the backstage party, which was nice. Apparently, there's an "elite" party that you can only get in if you're invited by certain people, back at the Savoy Hotel, which allows the more famous dahlings to relax out of the way of the pain-in-the-arse photographers, who really, really, really made a nuisance of themselves.

Still, back to the reason why I was invited to all of that - tomorrow is the big show. We've had a run-through and everything is chaos. A number of the above luvvies have been invited, but probably won't be there, which is just as well, as everything is going mental. The Comedy Festival shows have a way of turning out unpleasantly - hecklers who were better than the act, threats of violence to one comedian by squaddies, and arguments between two French companies have all been part of the previous ones.

This one is proving to be no better, with vans having to be rented and reservations being dumped by greedy hotel owners in favour of a group of exhibition attendees causing last-minute expense, and that's before we've even gotten into the Alter Wartesaal. Apparently the Kit-Kat club was held there two days ago, and they're still cleaning up after it. No, you don't want to know what they were cleaning up, but it wasn't chocolate bar wrappers.

Fingers crossed for me.

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