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03.03.2009 07:24 -

6th March, 11:00 am, 2009!!

Guess what that is?

It's Faith of Britain day!!

The day when EVERYTHING will change!!

The day when 80 million people will unleash an "irresistable psychic force" by sitting and thinking positively!!

Will it?  Will it, Bollocks.

I'm sorry, but sitting around thinking positively isn't going to do anything, except maybe wear out a few armchairs.  Thinking positively is just a beginning.  Actually getting up off your arses and doing something might help you change things.   And isn't it about time that some of us actually woke up and started taking responsibility for our lives and actions, instead of handing it all over to an increasingly power-grabbing control-freak government?

Getting up and doing something changes the world. Sitting and thinking fluffy thoughts about kittens won't.

"An irresistable psychic force".  Ha. Ha. Ha. Farce, more like.


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