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20.03.2009 07:55 - ISS Crew Report Mysterious Neck Bites

Nature experts were surprised on Sunday when a small free-tail bat managed to cling onto the orange fuel tank of the space shuttle Discovery during launch on 15th March, at pad 39a at the Merrit Island Launch Complex, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida.

The bat managed to hold onto the tank, despite Discovery's launch.  The bat was presumed to have perished due to hypoxia, subsequently falling off and burning to death in Discovery's exhaust.

However, during their first night onboard the ISS, several crew members have reported mysterious bites on or around the jugular vein.

A NASA spokesmen laughed off rumours of a "Space Vampire" aboard the ISS.  "Congress may have cut back on our expenditure in space, but we're not THAT low-budget...yet.  However we would like to find the bat, if at all possible, as it managed to stick to the shuttle longer than most of the stuff that's supposed to be on it."

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