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04.01.2006 09:06 - Bathrooms of the Famous

I'm ill with the flu, and I'm feeling rotten. Her Maj has also caught it. In fact, she gave it to me. This means we are both at home, feeling ill, which is making us both even more miserable because we can't do all the things we usually do when left alone at home when ill, such as watch violent/soppy DVDs, play guitar/that stupid radio station.

So. A rather tedious start to the new year.

Them upstair's bathroom was on telly last night. She works for WDR Lokalzeit, and they needed somewhere for the googly-eyed gardener bloke to waffle on about keeping plants in the bathroom. Her Maj called me in to watch it. It's not often you see somewhere on TV you can (safely) claim to have urinated in. Well, I can make that claim, but then I've never been to Camden.

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