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08.01.2006 02:10 - Fever Dreams

Thanks to the antibiotics I've been having more and weirder dreams than ever before.

Last night, for example, I dreamt the plot to "Alien 5", in which, one of the creatures is thrown back in time to a provincial english town in the 1970s. The local vet examines the comatose creature, staggered by it's complexity, unaware that it is beginning to awaken. I bet it gave him a few more problems than the average mutt when it did wake up.

Cut to the creature running down the high street, wearing, for some strange unfathomable reason, a toilet around its head like a bonnet. Yes, you guessed it, the film morphed into "Carry On Creature". It was still better than "Alien 3", though

What is even more worrying is that my subconscious is responsible for this. Now do you realise why I want nothing to do with L.S.D.?

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