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23.01.2006 10:22 - Never Cross A Black Cat

Much hilarity was had at the weekend, at the expense of Button, "our" adoptive cat. I say "our" as he's not our cat, he just likes to pretend he is at weekends.

Only this weekend, he had a rival.

It started at Breakfast on sunday morning, when Her Maj started making cooing noises. Normally this means that Button is outside the door, putting on his "cute face" and staring in at us. This time it meant that there was another cat outside. All-black, thin, well-muscled, and female. The black cat was very friendly, but quite insistent on being let inside - which Her Maj wouldn't let happen, as it's bad enough that Button occasionally teleports in - so she picked up the black cat and started stroking it. That's when she saw Button, under the steps to the balcony.

Unfortunately, Button doesn't seem to like the black cat, and was acting somewhat nervous. His territory was being usurped, and he didn't like it one bit. So, he tried to hit the black cat.

Big mistake. The black cat is obviously a lot more experienced, not to mention quicker, than soppy fat little Button. She quite calmly dodged Button's clumsy claws, and batted him twice on the nose with hers, in a casual sort of "Don't mess, Bagpuss" way. She then left. Bagpuss -er- Button was quite flustered by this, and sat on the roof, sulking, until she'd gone away. Then he went round and re-marked all the bits she'd marked.

The black cat has now been named Trinity. You know why.

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