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20.01.2006 21:17 - It's All Gone Mad

Now, I work hard on my blog entries.

It takes me time to write one of my blogs. I have to first select a juicy-enough story, and then set it down. Each individual word and sentence needs to be honed and fine-tuned. Unfunny things can often be made funny by the turn of phrase used to communicate it, and funny things can be made all the funnier by anticipation and understatement.

So, it comes as something of a blow that tagging on to the "blonde" joke link has managed to bring me the largest amount of traffic I've ever seen on this blog, albeit passing traffic that doesn't stop even to use the lavatory. The counter has gone mad, and the blogmap is freaking out. All this for a fairly lame joke expressed as a hyperlink. "Nipples" and "Naked Hoovering" are far more fun, as are the ramblings of Misty, my link-partner-in-crime.

So, fair stranger, whoever you are, never mind the blonde, have a look at my nipples.

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