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07.11.2006 10:18 - A Tour Through Bonn

A friend showed me his amazing new electronic navigation system on Sunday.

That's "amazing" as in "totally ridiculous".

He originally had it set to a female voice, but that was a bit unnerving, as it didn't yell and throw the atlas at him if he missed a turn, so he set it to the male voice, which had a comedy Bayerischen accent.  For those of you not familiar with German accents, think of Arnold Schwarzeneggar trying to clear a hair out of his  throat.  I can see an after-market opportunity here for CDs with celebrity voices on them, like people did with answering machines.  I want the one with Michael Caine on, like in the Italian Job. "Turn left 'ere or we'll be going rahnd all bladdy day!".

As to the machine's actual navigation, it was crap.  It directed us through various small one-way roads, crossing over and over the main road which would have gotten us there in a minute or two repeatedly.  Then it told us we were in the centre of Bonn.

When we weren't. 

And promptly conked out and refused to find our position. 

Oh how we laughed. 


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