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21.11.2006 12:56 - The Cost of Making Money

I have recently written a funny song, which will be shortly premiered at the latest Hollywood's Comedy Night.

I have been advised to register this song with GEMA, the German Performing Rights organisation. GEMA will then collect fees for the playing of this song and distribute them, after a suitable time sitting in a high-interest account, to me.

For the privilege of doing so, they require that I pay a fifty euro joining fee, and then a further twenty-five euros yearly membership fee. I am informed that I do not have to join and register the song, as in German copyright law copyright exists the moment I created the song.

So what, exactly, do I get for my 75 euros?

Apart from screwed, I mean.

Because they apparently will continue to collect fees for my song, whether I am a member or not.

Apparently, once I have five separate songs, and have been a member for five years, having made not less than 1000 Euros per year from song income, I can be a full member.

Which means they'll bring the vaseline pot when they come to screw me.

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