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17.11.2006 13:51 - Adventures in Advertising

About three years ago "French Connection UK" opened their first store in Cologne.

To advertise the opening, they decided to have an advert stuck on the side of one of the large trams that run through Neumarkt.

The ads were printed and stuck on the train, which then was put in service.

I happened to be in Neumarkt the first time it rolled into the haltestelle.

Consternation.  Uproar.

You see, no-one had told the people sticking the signs on the train that there was a shop known by the abbreviation "FCUK".  The result was, they re-arranged the stickers to make a rather base anglo-saxon word.

This resulted in a two-metre high, 5-metre long "FUCK" drawing into Neumarkt.

FCUK were not, apparently, amused.

I was, though.  I wish I'd had a phone cam. 

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