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23.11.2006 13:42 - The Master of Disasters

Today I will be playing the comedy country and western song I wrote as part of Hollywood's Comedy Night at the Hard Rock Cafe.  This rapidly turning into a disaster, as follows :

9am : Turn up at Hard Rock Cafe.  The stage is downstairs.  It needs to be upstairs.  The PA system is nowhere to be seen.  The Manageress tells me she doesn't know what's happening with the PA, and they only have 15 bookings.  This is not good.

9:30am : Jörg, the sound man, arrives.  He doesn't know what's happening with the PA either.  Johnny arrives with the stage stuff.  We move it upstairs and set up the stage.  Still no sign of the PA.  Upstairs stinks of strong hickory smoke.  It turns out that last night the HRC had a fire in the kitchen, and had to evacuate.  The kitchen needs to be thoroughly cleaned before it can be used.

10:30am : We cannot contact the PA company.  They are not answering the phone.  The manageress does not have an alternative number for the PA company.  Another PA company is called, but want more for the PA than we're going to make.  I remember there is a music store just down the other end of Hohestr, which rented PAs.

11:00am : We go to the shop.  Fortunately the shop has a PA which it will rent at a good price.  We arrange to come back at 3:30 and pick up the PA, and send it via Taxi.

And this is just the start of things.


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